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Student Spotlight: Morgan Cole, Class of 2021

Hometown: Morristown, NJ

Undergraduate Institution & Major:

Bachelor of Fine Arts at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago

Pre-MBA Work Experience:

Artistic Metal Fabrication, Metal Casting, and Automotive Painting on Cast Metal Sculpture

How would you describe your first year of business school?​

Chaotic Good – The first year was so incredibly busy it went by almost too quickly, but within the madness I learned so much about myself and what I want out of life. In this short amount of time I’ve felt extreme jubilation, anguish, anxiety, pride, humility – and through it all, the friends I have made have supported my every move. This past year has been a major breakthrough for me and a huge step forward into the future I am building.

What do you love about Johnson most?

The culture and the people who comprise the program are hands-down the best facet of what makes Johnson so special. The warmth, kindness, and high EQ of the people around me is so substantial that it’s disarming. The small size of the program and remote location have really allowed for close bonding within our class and made the first year at Johnson that much better.

Where will you be doing your summer internship?

I will be with Ernst & Young’s NYC Strategy Consulting Practice.

What drew you to this company?

Aside from their prestige, global reach, and wide breadth of knowledge and experience to learn from, similarly to Johnson: their culture is top-tier. When speaking with recruiters, practitioners, and returning second years, I felt extremely comfortable fitting in; everyone was down to earth and easy to talk to. I found they truly valued my unique background and believed in me, as much as I believed in them - we clicked.

What drew you towards consulting?

When I came to business school I had no idea what my future had in store for me, I just knew I wanted a dynamic career where I could continue my education and stay intellectually stimulated - not iterating on the same subject matter over and over. That, coupled with the first few months at Johnson where I realized my passion for working with teams, pointed me very clearly towards consulting. Once I started learning more and more, I was astonished at how consulting fits my post-MBA objectives so perfectly.

What are you most excited for with regards to your internship?

With such a stark difference to my pre-MBA position, I’m excited to embark on a completely new journey beyond my former career in art. I’m looking forward to having the wide breadth of knowledge and network that a global company such as EY can afford and cultivating new skills that will serve me throughout my career. Personally, I’m looking forward to making an impact on my work stream and exceeding my own expectations – setting the bar higher and higher as I continue to grow.

Any other fun summer plans?

My sister is moving to Tucson so I will be flying out after the end of the internship to help her move in (which really means I will be drinking endless margaritas in her pool)!

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