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Sample Case

The case interview can be a source of anxiety during the consulting process. To demystify what one might expect, we've provided a sample case below. To use the case properly, be sure to observe the following:

  1. Read the prompt carefully and attempt to "hone-in" on the actual problem to solve

    1. Determine if you need any additional information to clarify the scope of the problem​

    2. Begin to develop a hypothesis you can use to structure an approach

  2. For each question, imagine that the interviewer has posed the question. Then, click the drop down, and follow any prompts.

  3. Only click to reveal the answer after you have made an attempt to provide your own answer

  4. Compare your answer to the answer provided

  5. What do you think? How do you feel? Ready for more?

Note: this is an interviewer-led case. In interviewee-led cases, rather than the interviewer asking a question to drive the discussion, the interviewee is expected to vocalize the next step s/he would like to take.

Auto Emissions 

Case Prompt:

Your client is an industrial goods producer who primarily focuses efforts on planes, trains, and various automobile parts. Their R&D team recently developed a way of lowering emissions for diesel engines. Environmental regulation changes currently occurring will likely benefit their R&D funding in the future. To roll the product out to the market, your client plans to partner with diesel manufacturers and license its product to achieve revenue.

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